The Social Media Struggle

Many of us neglect social media and it's usually because of one of a few reasons such as, spending more time working with clients or doing product or customer research, you don't see how social media can benefit your business.Managing your account can become a forgotten task, especially after a hard day at the office.But let me ask you a question, Do you ever forget to deliever your product or services to your clients?No, so why do you forget to use the most powerful marketing tool that you have access to?


My name is Jack Hedgeley and I'm a Social Media Marketer.
I have experience in growing social media accounts from nothing.
I have amassed over 2M views across TikTok and Instagram, and I have done this be building audiences using short form content and gaining an insight into understanding of how the algorithms work and the human phycology behind getting people to watch your content.
I have gained my knowledge working with various clients and alongside the Tate brand.

Power in the palm of your hands

We are living in an attention economy. What does this mean? Whoever obtains the most attention will always win.You have the ability to push your brand out to the world and for them to engage with your content and further expand your brand, and all of this can be done with just a little bit of effort.Sounds powerful right?I almost missed out the best part. When we see an ad weather it's on Youtube or television we either skip or just ignore it, the reason for this is because we don't want to be sold to. So when you post content that is organic your audience will consume it rather than reject it.

The master plan

How I Can Help

I know that you are still thinking "okay but I don't know how to do that" "I don't have time" "I can make content but marketing isn't that easy" and there is probably many more reasons as to why "it doesn't work". I here to reassure you that your mind is playing tricks on you, the human brain is designed to conserve energy and shy away from anything difficult or challenging.With short form content taking the world by storm many business's have starting using it for their growth but it's not just as simple as hiring a video editor. What makes a video go viral is all the small details that go un noticed such as, comment fishing, enticing hooks, compelling descriptions and the list goes on.As you can see you are missing out on a monumental way to expand your business.

all the social proof you need!

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